A chance to win free yarn...

This contest has taken over facebook rather quickly this afternoon. One of my favorite yarn suppliers Unplanned Peacock is having a contest to win a bunch of free yarn. Please clickie the link if you are interested in the yarn (or even if you're just looking for something to gift me with). Apparently the people who have the most entries based on their personalized link win something...

Halloween Hair!

At University I took attack_laurel's class on Elizabethan Hairstyles. Even before the class was over I was inspired to do something cool for my Halloween costume. Well here is the result:




The wonderful eridun took the pictures for me. The rest of the costume was only so so, but okay I guess:


I made the bracelet out of lapis pieces, then put matching lapis pieces in my hair. I also made an icord belt, which is not the belt I originally planned on but it worked. I needed the belt because I was wearing one of LLT's dresses - the sleeves actually dragged on the ground. eridun made me the earrings and I made the hairsticks from beads I bought off ebay a few years ago.

The weird part is that I put those flower shapped bead caps under every piece of lapis in my hair and when I pulled out the hairpins some of the beadcaps were missing. They aren't on the floor around where I took down my hair, and I've washed both my hair and the dress since then without finding them. I guess they are well and truly gone. Who knew my hair has an appetite for jewelry?

P.S. Is it wrong that my favorite pic is the one of the back of my hair???
LLT arms

Revised menu for Novice Tourney

10:00n am
Eggs mingled or stirred together ( scrambled eggs )
Savory bread pudding with bacon gravy

Ramequins of cheese (grilled cheese sandwiches )
White puddings (chicken sausages)
Cowcombers another way (pickles /home made)
Fresh fruit

Potage of Capon with Rice
Loin of Pork with sauce Robert
Sparagus with ragoust

Tarts of....
Pistachios, Cray Fish, Veal, Spinach, Pumpkin, Pear
(bite sized to be served at court.)

Beef a la mode ( beef stew )
Potage of Profiteoles or small Vailes ( veggie soup )
Eggs with Bread (sweet bread pudding serve with a

most recipes from:
"The French Cook Francois Pierre la Varenne"
Englished by I.D.G 1653
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Let's see how many hot buttons you can hit...

Today one of my facebook friends posted a youtube video of entitled: Squirrel, Child, Greyhound....Unnexpected. I admit I clicked on it thinking there was a chance that I'd get to see a greyhound chase prey - something that while maybe not pleasant I have a curiosity about since I've never seen the greyhounds run like that. Instead (for those who don't want to click) it's a little girl (I'd say somewhere around 5) who is only wearing underwear playing with a dead squirrel that her apparently recently adopted greyhound killed. Her father is filming and laughing and asking questions while her mother (I'm assuming these are who the adults are) seems to be uncomfortable and then leaves.

My immediate response was What kind of morons let their small child play with a dead wild animal and let her basically rub it against her all but naked body? Let alone tape it and post to youtube???

This of course started a big conversation which my friend eventually requested we stop.

So of course I'm bringing it to MY LJ to rant about...I'm not going to copy any of the other comments, being that they are not mine, but suffice to say that there were several different opinions which went from agreeing with me to thinking I was completely unreasonable. So let's go over the hot buttons shall we?

1) Please think about the message you are sending: One of the debates was whether the parents were encouraging their child or not. I say this video represents positive reinforcement as much as any human feeding a begging dog does. The father is videotaping, something he's obviously done before and the child enjoys (based on the instant response to "say hello" at the end of the video. He's asking questions in a cutesy voice and laughing. It isn't until the Mom says "respect" and drives off that he tells his daughter to leave the squirrel alone and talks about burying it. At this point the kid thinks that playing with a dead animal is approved of and gets the "reward" of being filmed etc.

2) Don't encourage your child to play with wild animals - seriously, while apparently rabies is not a major concern with squirrels there are other diseases that can be conveyed by wild animals (not to mention the whole biting thing if it's still alive). I did a quick google of "squirrel disease to human" and found that they can carry fleas known to carry plague, not to mention a series of other diseases. Yes it's true that many of these diseases are uncommon but do you really want your child to be the "one in XXXX"? Just because this one is dead doesn't mean you're not sending the message that playing with wild animals is okay.

3) Don't encourage your child to play with dead things - really? I need to post this? okay the whole flea thing - fleas tend to jump OFF dead animals and guess where they're gonna land - on your child who is rubbing the squirrel all over her chest as she plays with it. Just because this one is a fresh kill doesn't mean the next one will be. You've sent the message that playing with dead animals is okay...not that THIS one is okay. Also ewwww. Yes there is the argument that people eat wild animals but still it's not a good idea to encourage your child to just play with one.

4) Posting a picture of your nearly nude child on the internet? Really???? - Yes taking pictures of your child without clothes on has been considered cute ever since the camera was invented (hence the cliche of the nude kid on the rug) but I can't help but when did it become a good idea to post those pictures on the internet? These days it's not unusual for people to be charged with Child Pornography for taking pictures of their kids and getting them developed at Walmart, let alone posting them online. As the Barbara Nitke v. Gonzales case has shown proved the Communications Decency Act now means that it doesn't matter where YOU live, you can be charged with pornography based on the laws of where the person who trips across your post lives. Do you really want to be charged with Child Pornography six states away in the Bible Belt?

5) Don't let your Greyhound run around without a leash: Compared to the rest of this post, this point is low scale but it's something to consider. As most of you know I dog-sit greyhounds for one of the most responsible dog owners I know (flt/devilvern). They have had rescue greyhounds for years (at one point they had 3) and I've been dog-sitting for them almost as long as they've had the dogs. One of the things that was drilled into my head early was you don't let sight hounds who have been bred for generations and then trained to chase small furry creatures outside a fenced area without being on a leash. Really I don't care how well trained you think your beloved pet is - it doesn't matter. It's not worth the risk of losing your dog when instinct takes over.

Okay rant over, I think I've covered most of it - although I wouldn't put it past me to start up again...for example I haven't even started on my belief that how you treat the dead (even animals) directly effects your melant'i.

And people think I'm insane...

So have you guys heard about harmonyhay's Peacock Dress Challenge? I'm still amazed by what she's doing. harmonyhay is the creator of the OMG Oak Leaf Dress from Costume College a few years ago. She has entered a fundraising competition to go to Haiti to help build a community center. She and her Sig O have to raise $14,000 in order to go. In order to encourage people to donate, she's challenged herself to recreate the Peacock Dress which is completely beaded and the height of insanity and wear it to 2012's Costume College (and I don't even know where/when it is). This is big enough I'm considering trying to figure out a way to get to that event just to see it in person. In the meantime since I've donated a small amount I'll get to read about her progress. :)
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Dear GOP - the collective you are an Idiot

Originally posted by ladyqkat at Dear GOP - the collective you are an Idiot
(Post originally seen in this post by [info]ramblin_phyl. I have been notified that it was originally posted by [info]suricattus in her journal post. The story and words are hers, but I do believe that it needs to go viral and that as many people as possible need to get their stories out there. Only by making a noise about this can we make a change in our society.)

There is a move afoot in the nation -driven by the GOP - to repeal the new health care laws, to protect corporate interests, to defend against fear-mongering (and stupid) cries of "socialism!", and to ensure that people are forced to choose between keeping a roof over their heads or getting necessary health care.

This movement is killing people.

Think I'm overstating the fact?

Ask the friends and family of writer/reviewer Melissa Mia Hall, who died of a heart attack last week because she was so terrified of medical bills, she didn't go see a doctor who could have saved her life.

From another writer friend: One person. Not the only one. That could have been me. Yeah, I have access to insurance -- I live in New York City, which is freelancer-friendly, and have access to freelancer advocacy groups. Through them, I can pay over $400/month ($5,760/year) as a single, healthy woman, so that if I go to the hospital I'm not driven to bankruptcy. But a doctor's appointment - a routine physical - can still cost me several hundred dollars each visit. So unless something's terribly wrong? I won't go.

My husband worked for the government for 30 years. We have government employee (retired) insurance. It is the only thing of value he took away from that job. His pension is pitiful. He still works part time. My writing income has diminished drastically. Our combined income is now less than what it was before T retired fifteen years ago. Inflation has diminished it further. In the last 30 days I have racked up over $8000 in medical bills for tests and the beginning of treatment. Our co-pay is 20% after the deductible. And there is more to come. Our savings are already gone. I have the gold standard of insurance and I still can't pay all the medical bills.

Another friend lost her insurance when her husband lost his job. She couldn't afford medication and ended up bed ridden for three months at the end of over a year of no job and therefore no insurance until he found work again.

It's our responsibility. All of us, together. As a nation.

EtA: Nobody is trying to put insurance companies out of business. They will always be able to offer a better plan for a premium. We simply want to ensure that every citizen - from infant to senior citizen - doesn't have to choose between medical care, and keeping a roof over their heads, or having enough to eat.

We're trying to get this to go viral. Pass it along.

My story? Let's see...a bunch of years ago I promised a friend that I would seek out some help for my depression other than medication. I haven't done it mostly because I'm afraid of the bills. I've ruined my teeth with too many cough drops during past coughing seasons and need to see a dentist who will I'm sure say that at least half of them need to go but I don't go because in addition to being afraid of the dentist I'm more afraid of the bill at a time when I just can't afford another one. When I was unemployed I adjusted all of my meds and only kept up the ones that I could afford - luckily I had a doctor who made that slightly easier by giving me every sample she had of my meds when I told her it was my last appointment and why.

I live in fear that someday I'm going to lose my access to a company health insurance and have to go individual because I have a friend who was denied the ability to buy it for some of the same pre-existing conditions that I have.

Yes the healthcare bill is not perfect. Some of that imperfection was caused by negotiations with the health insurance industry who insisted they would go out of business if they didn't get those provisions in the deal. But do we really expect to ever see any healthcare reform (let alone a better one) if this one goes away?

Privateer Feast Tickets go on sale on the 14th!


Team Wench will hold its Tenth Annual Privateer Feast “To Save the
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Team Wench will be returning to last year's venue, the Earleigh
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the Regular Price of $60 (plus TicketLeap Fees). Tickets will be
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Please visit for complete details.

Redistribution of this letter is not only permitted but encouraged - Thank you!

This is the fund raising feast that LLT and I cook every year.

This year it DOES NOT conflict with A Day in the Middle East.

Also all you Darkover people take note this year Clam Chowder will be performing