Orlaith Carey (orlacarey) wrote,
Orlaith Carey

For those of you not on the Merry Rose

Coronation has been cancelled

Official announcement from the autocrat.


THL Katharine Devereaux

Barony of Ponte Alto

Kingdom of Atlantia

Baronial Seneschal

St. Anne's Clothier's Guild Mistress

Per Saltire Erminois and Pean

Subject: [Branchseneschals] Fall Coronation ANNOUNCEMENT

Greetings Atlantia!

As of 11AM forecast, Tropical Storm Hanna is protected to pass almost directly over the event site for Coronation Friday night into Saturday morning. Since the state of NC has already begun voluntarily evacuations for the low lying areas in the county of the site, TRM, TRH, and our Kingdom Seneschal, in consultation with myself have decided to cancel Coronation for this weekend.

The Coronation of Jason Kinslae and Gerhild the Willful will be held next weekend, September 12th – 14th, at Chalice of the Sun God in the Barony of Ponte Alto. Please contact the event staff for Chalice of the Sun God for more information about cabin and feast space availability for next weekend. http://acorn.atlantia.sca.org/event_flyer.php?event_id=8f1ff147

Detailed information concerning the refund policy in regards to this weekend’s Coronation will be forth coming as soon as possible. Please feel free to cross post this notice as you will.

Please contact me with questions and concerns. 704-293-4443

On behalf of the populace of Raven’s Cove, I thank you for your patience and apologize for the weather,


Baroness Alesia Gillefalyn
Regional Seneschal for North Carolina
Familia Wylderosarum
mka Bonnie A Harvey

Well so much for my plans for the weekend. It looks like I'll be at work tomorrow...
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