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Orlaith Carey

The Privateer Feast Announcement - Reposted from the mailing list


Team Wench be happy ta' announce that the eighth occ'rence of that
premier piratical party - the Privateer Feast, will be happenin' on

Fer thems new ta' this shindig, that means that the crew of Team
Wench'll once more be settin' sail from Cherry Hill Park with the
evenin' tide on Saturday, February 28, 2009. Keep yer eyes peeled ta
this list
closer ta the calendar's horizon fer information on when ya
might be able ta git yerself tickets.

It be fer a good cause -- even one a pirate can git behind!

Translation from pirate-ese:
Team Wench, Inc. will be keeping the /traditional/ date (last Saturday
in February) for the 2009 Privateer Feast.

Once again, the Feast will be held at the Cherry Hill Park Conference
Center on Saturday, February 28, 2009. Information regarding ticket
sales will be announced on the Team Wench Events email list
(http://groups.yahoo.com/group/TeamWenchEvents/) closer to
the year's end.

As always, all proceeds from the Privateer Feast will go to benefit
breast cancer research.

Ralph E. Nelson
Chairperson, 2009 Privateer Feast
Team Wench Inc. - http://www.teamwench.org/
NOTE: permission is specifically granted to repost this information in
any forum so long as:
* the complete message is included; and
* reposting it is not a violation of the ToS for that forum

About the Icon
Thanks to webqatch for the link. Hrmmm...wondering if they'd be willing to make this strip a tee shirt?
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