Orlaith Carey (orlacarey) wrote,
Orlaith Carey

Komen Walk Info

As I mentioned last night LLT and I are now checked in through the online system. We're sharing a tent (go figure).

At this point LLT is still about $150 short of the minimum for her to walk. Here is her donation link.

Thanks to everyone who has already donated I have made my minimum, but not my goal. Here is my donation link.

If you would like to donate but don't want to do it online you can find a printable donation form on the bottom of each page.

Remember, we're still planning on giving a bobbin lace hankie to one lucky person who donate $25 to either of us. At this point it looks like the hankie won't be done before the walk but I will do my best to get it to you as soon after as is possible.

Meep! I just looked and there are only 51 days to the event!
Tags: cancer, komen
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