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Navy blue nails and Pho

The Saturday before last LLT and I went to the Depot to get dishware for the Barony. We had lots of fun grabbing the pieces that she had worked out would fit within the budget we were given. As was our custom, we got some things we wanted for the house while we were there. We were walking through the frozen section and I noticed a woman getting a case of oxtails to make pho with. That put me in the mind for Pho but I didn't really think too much of it.

Since I'm currently out of work, I've been doing all the grocery shopping for the house. At some point during the next week I was over in Virginia and ended up searching out the International grocery store that LLT had found online. I had a list of things that I was supposed to look for but ended up calling both LLT and Frederich several times to ask questions. At one point I said to Frederich "I'm going to get you guys for this" and he was surprised. I explained that I was having problems finding things because I didn't know what I was actually looking for and couldn't really communicate with the mainly Spanish speaking staff. He said that I should look upon the shopping trip as an adventure, and more and more that's what I started doing. I figured whatever I ended up bringing home between the two of them they'd figure out something to do with it.

At one point I wandered into a section of the store and found fresh rice noodles. That put me in mind of pho again and I decided to do some experimentation of my own. I got Ox tails and thinly sliced eye of round steak as well as the rice noodles and a box that claimed to be spices for chinese soup. I finally made it home and we unpacked everything for the night. So a couple of days later I got up and got the ox bones out of the freezer. I ran out to do some errands and when I got home I started making the stock. By dinner time the stock had only cooked for a couple of hours so we decided to put that meal off until the next day. While I was cooking, however my eldest niece, Muchkin, called and asked if I was going to be busy that night. She had been wanting me to take her to get acrylic nails. She had been told that I couldn't afford to pay for her nails, but since she had just gotten paid, she wanted me to actually give her a ride. So LLT and I drove to beautiful downtown Waldorf to take her to the nail place.

LLT needed to get a nail fixed and I ended up getting a pedicure. I thought about colors and decided that I can't really afford to have weird colors on my fingers for a while but there is no reason that I couldn't have funky colors on my toes. So my nails are now a bright navy blue. They look good but LLT and I both decided we weren't really happy with the salon, which we had only chosen since it was RIGHT next to Munch's workplace. We'll have to try other places in the future. Of course Munch knows she's not to expect us to drive her to get her nails done every two weeks.

The next night was Pho night. I was really pleased with the way it had turned out and even more so when Frederich said that it ranked right up there with some of the best Pho he'd ever had in a resturant. I've been told by both of them that I am encouraged to make more whenever I feel like it.

This was really cool since Frederich is such an awesome cook that I often feel intimidated. I don't rush to cook since anything I would make he makes better. Even if he doesn't feel like cooking I defer to LLT since she is also the better cook. I'm okay with baking but even there Frederich far outshines me. Cooking comes so easily for both of them that I pretty much don't even try very often. My old problems with self confidence I guess. I'm always worried that my cooking won't be up to their standards. So when they rave about something I've made it feels extra special. Of course I really hope they like Pho because I can eat it once a week or more if given the chance. Not that I'm up to cooking it that often but I am certainly willing to make it whenever I have the time.
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