Orlaith Carey (orlacarey) wrote,
Orlaith Carey

The night before the walk

Well we're all packed, the bags are marked to make sure we can tell which bags are ours from 1/2 a mile away and our outfits for the morning are set out.


Here's a picture of the shirts that LLT made for us:


Just need to wait for the dish washer to finish so I can shave my legs and go to bed. Plus make sure my phone is completely charged and set the alarm clock for 5 am.

Snuck out of work at 4 so I could come home and make dinner and have a relaxing evening.

dinner tonight was homemade vodka sauce from the recipe in the newest Cooks Illustrated. It's made of NOM and LLT says we can make it again sometime soon. She went to get herself seconds and I went to hand her my bowl so she could grab me seconds as well - she refused to take it and said "every walker for herself". I said "see if I make you home made pasta sauce anytime soon" and she said "I'm a capable woman I can make it myself". I said "not when I hide the recipe". :)

Yes I'm in that kinda mood.

I'm planning on making some voice posts over the next few days - hopefully I manage to do this right and posting them correctly.
Tags: cancer, cooking, komen, komen 2009, walk

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