Orlaith Carey (orlacarey) wrote,
Orlaith Carey

Voice Post

204K 1:03
“So we are just leaving the unofficial first pit stop of the walk which would be the Starbucks right next to the Hyatt in North West DC, you guys know the one-- we go there ever so often on Tuesday night.

So, Anyway, I don't think they warned the Starbucky's that a large crowd of people coming, but anyway. Managed to have my battery die before I took my first picture.

They have taken us on a very convoluted route which has taken us close to Union Station, but not so much close enough for use to walk into it. Other than that we are doing pretty good. Tirzah is carrying the patients banner for the moment. Hope you guys are doing pretty good. Bye!”

Transcribed by: spikywheel
Tags: cancer, komen, komen 2009, walk
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