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I haven't really been saying that much about my job search. Last Monday I went in for an interview that I was really hoping to get. They called during the week and asked for my references and then on Friday I got a call from one of those references saying she'd been called not once but twice. I knew that they had another person they were interviewing on Friday and that I probably would not hear anything until Monday. Yesterday I got a call from the agency saying they had not heard anything and this morning there was another call saying they would like to talk to me again over the phone to ask some final questions. After a day of playing phone tag I finally got hold of the contractor at about 3:30.

The only question they wanted to ask was if I was looking at this job as a temporary, six months and find another place job or was I in for the long term. Ever being the honest girl that my parents raised, I said I was looking for a job to last me the next five years. I didn't elaborate on the fact that I'm actually seriously thinking of leaving the area in five years, but she took it the way I meant her to, which is that I don't want to have to go looking for a job for the next several years.

I told her that I had prescheduled plans for both Memorail Day weekend and a week in August and she said they would work around that. She wanted to let me know that as soon as I had worked off my required time with the temp company the contractor would pick me up and I would get of the benefits they offer. She officially offered me the job and I start MONDAY AT 9AM!!!! Yay!!!!

Is always a good thing to have a job to go to and while there is that part of me that will miss getting to sleep until 9:30 every morning and reading or watching t.v. my bank account will be more than happy to have some money coming in instead of flowing out.
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