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“So I made it 10.2 miles. Tirzah made it all the way to lunch - 12.5 miles. At that point we decided that if we wanted to walk tomorrow, we were done for today.

So we sat and watched "My Big Fat Greek Wedding" in the Bus while we were waiting for it to go back to camp. We are now at camp, looking at the most pathatic land pimple I've ever seen in my life. Well actually a sea of them. But ours is set up.
We have our bed, and everything else. We've managed to squeeze everything into this tiny little land pimple.

And now I'm probably going to end up rubbing a hideous amount of tiger balm into Tirzah ankles because they Suck... and Tirzah's calves as well.

BTW, leave a message for Rivka and Sas - "YOU GUYS SUCK" [lots of snickering in the background]. Thank you for talking us into doing this, it's uh.. an "Experience". Bye!”

Transcribed by: multiple users
Tags: cancer, komen, komen 2009, walk

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