Orlaith Carey (orlacarey) wrote,
Orlaith Carey

Day 2 pitt stop 2

408K 2:06
“Well I'm sitting here at Pitt stop number 2 waiting for the sweep bus to pick me up and take me to lunch. Um Tirzah is on the course ah Pitt stop number two is 5.1 miles in. Ah we were starting out okay walking up and down the hills blah blah blah. And um all the sudden the caboose came up to us and said "Hey if you're going be...If you miss this pitt stop they're going to stick you on the bus to go to lunch" So we got on the sweep bus and went to pitt stop number one. And rather than taking the time to sit down do whatever rest for a few minutes we decided to keep going just refilled our water bottles ect. And thought we were doing really well got to pitt stop number 2 just as it was closing. And Tirzah was able to keep going and I could not walk any further without some sort of a break which included taking tylonal and wrapping my knees after putting some tiger balm on them. Yes in fact my knees are the thing that hurt the worst that is not generally a good sign. Anyway So Tirzah is still on the course and I will be meeting her at lunch. I'll try to walk some more after lunch. I'm not sure how much longer my battery is going to work. I really should not have listened when people when they said that there would there was no charging station because I could have brought my charger. But we'll see what happens. I may be posting from Tirzah's phone in the future. Umm I guess that's about it will talk to you later. Bye”

Transcribed by: orlacarey
Tags: cancer, komen, komen 2009, walk

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