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back in camp

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“So LLT is back in Camp. It's a bad sprain. She's got crutches. She is red-carded. She is not allowed to walk.

In fact, she'll be spending the night in the medical tent because it'll be much easier to get her to lay down on one of those cots than it would be to squeeze her into The Tent which is barely big enough for the two of us as it is. In fact, she says that she needs help getting in and out of porta-castles. Joy.

But she says she's doing pretty good other than that.

Needless to say, she'll be spending the day tomorrow in Camp, doing whatever they do with Walkers who can't walk.

In the meantime, it's getting a little chilly, in fact it's getting enough chilly that I have two pairs of pants on and two shirts. So tonight should be interesting, especially for all those people who seemed to think all they needed to bring was two pairs of shorts.

Trying to think of what else I should say, but nothing is coming to mind. I'll close this now. I'm not sure I'll make any voice posts tomorrow since my cell phone is pretty much out of battery is mostly dead and Tirza's probably going to have hers.

But I am writing stuff down, so I'll be posting something to LJ after things get, you know, done and I get home tomorrow. But I did want you guys all know that she is okay. She's supposed to be on crutches for five days. That means that next weekend IS going to be really really entertaining.

Laura, don't worry, we'll get everything fine. We'll just deal. She'll just have to do a certain amount of it sitting from a chair.

Talk to you guys later. Bye.”

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Tags: cancer, komen, komen 2009, walk

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