Orlaith Carey (orlacarey) wrote,
Orlaith Carey

It's a lovely day for a walk

So the good news is that I figure I walked about 1.5 miles today in Clinton from 9006 Simpson to 11208 Colorado St and back.

But the question is - Does it still count as walkies if I walk to Rita's Italian Ice and back?

In other news - tomorrow Rita's is giving away a free regular sized Italian ice to celebrate the 1st day of spring.

Today was also the first practice walk that I've taken that actually FELT like the walk - having to stop for lights and traffic, walking on sidewalks, grass and pavement etc.

Also I have achieved speakers to use with my Ipod while walking so I'm able to have music which helps with the walking. Plus, ya know, not pissing russell_moore off by dying through headphone use.

Only 204 days til the event.
Tags: komen 2010, walking

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