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15 walk related links

I just emailed this list to the people that I did the training walk with today. I thought some of you would find this list interesting. Some of them I've posted before and at least one is only accessible if you're registered for the Komen, but I'm posting the entire list for future reference.

Here are 15 links that I thought might be useful/interesting. I
mentioned some of these today while we were walking and some of them I
thought would be useful once I started putting together the links.

1) Here is the picture I took today of the group:

2) Here are the pictures I took last year during the walk (including
pictures of Tirzah in the tent):

3) Here is the livejournal post I wrote after the event last year:

4) And the lessons learned post:

5) Larry's underground guide to the walk:

6) Pete's advice for the walk:

7) Blog post from a magazine writer on doing the walk:

8) Participant FAQ from the website (you have to log in to see this):

9) Walker logo for business cards:

and crew logo:

10) Where I will post any public posts during this Komen season
http://orlacarey.livejournal.com/tag/komen 2010

11) Komen page regarding the facebook application showing fundrasing
on your wall:

12) The speaker case I use for my Ipod is the HMDX® Audio by Homedics
Speaker-on-the-Go Portable Speaker Case:

13) Google Pedometer - helps you figure out how far you walked - note
if you walk off road you want to set it to manual:

14) Information on letterboxing - even if you don't want to do the
boxes this gives you an idea of some trails in the area:

15) another place to find trails (note I haven't used this one):
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