Orlaith Carey (orlacarey) wrote,
Orlaith Carey

And people think I'm insane...

So have you guys heard about harmonyhay's Peacock Dress Challenge? I'm still amazed by what she's doing. harmonyhay is the creator of the OMG Oak Leaf Dress from Costume College a few years ago. She has entered a fundraising competition to go to Haiti to help build a community center. She and her Sig O have to raise $14,000 in order to go. In order to encourage people to donate, she's challenged herself to recreate the Peacock Dress which is completely beaded and the height of insanity and wear it to 2012's Costume College (and I don't even know where/when it is). This is big enough I'm considering trying to figure out a way to get to that event just to see it in person. In the meantime since I've donated a small amount I'll get to read about her progress. :)
Tags: fundraising, harmonyhay, insanity, links

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