Orlaith Carey (orlacarey) wrote,
Orlaith Carey

Revised menu for Novice Tourney

10:00n am
Eggs mingled or stirred together ( scrambled eggs )
Savory bread pudding with bacon gravy

Ramequins of cheese (grilled cheese sandwiches )
White puddings (chicken sausages)
Cowcombers another way (pickles /home made)
Fresh fruit

Potage of Capon with Rice
Loin of Pork with sauce Robert
Sparagus with ragoust

Tarts of....
Pistachios, Cray Fish, Veal, Spinach, Pumpkin, Pear
(bite sized to be served at court.)

Beef a la mode ( beef stew )
Potage of Profiteoles or small Vailes ( veggie soup )
Eggs with Bread (sweet bread pudding serve with a

most recipes from:
"The French Cook Francois Pierre la Varenne"
Englished by I.D.G 1653
Tags: llt feast, novice, storvik

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