Orlaith Carey (orlacarey) wrote,
Orlaith Carey

Halloween Hair!

At University I took attack_laurel's class on Elizabethan Hairstyles. Even before the class was over I was inspired to do something cool for my Halloween costume. Well here is the result:




The wonderful eridun took the pictures for me. The rest of the costume was only so so, but okay I guess:


I made the bracelet out of lapis pieces, then put matching lapis pieces in my hair. I also made an icord belt, which is not the belt I originally planned on but it worked. I needed the belt because I was wearing one of LLT's dresses - the sleeves actually dragged on the ground. eridun made me the earrings and I made the hairsticks from beads I bought off ebay a few years ago.

The weird part is that I put those flower shapped bead caps under every piece of lapis in my hair and when I pulled out the hairpins some of the beadcaps were missing. They aren't on the floor around where I took down my hair, and I've washed both my hair and the dress since then without finding them. I guess they are well and truly gone. Who knew my hair has an appetite for jewelry?

P.S. Is it wrong that my favorite pic is the one of the back of my hair???
Tags: costume, halloween

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