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Optimistic news from the Washington Post

Therapies Shown to Cure Breast Cancer

The latest data from an extensive ongoing project involving 145,000 women with early breast cancer found that chemotherapy and hormone treatment continue to protect many women from dying from the disease for at least 15 years. The protection often gets stronger over time, increasing the likelihood that the therapy is truly eradicating cancer from their bodies.

The findings provide the most convincing support yet for using aggressive strategies against the most common malignancy to strike women, and they help explain why the death rate from breast cancer has been dropping in many countries, including the United States and Britain, experts said.

edited to say: For you guys not in the loop, I'm posting this because someone I know and care about just got bad news. While I try to be aware of breast cancer issues because of family history, I was given a clean bill of health on this issue in January.
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