Orlaith Carey (orlacarey) wrote,
Orlaith Carey

I want my 2 hours back!

Friday my new company had an open house. So I ditched work at 3 pm to go eat bad bakery sweets, talk to my co-workers and collect my company swag (a golf shirt and badge lanyard). Then I headed home early so I could pick up my phone and take my afternoon nap before my date. LLT was already home and was not sleepy so we ended up watching my latest movie from Netflix, The Crow: Wicked Prayer.

I loved the original Crow movie, which I suppose is why I always am anxious to see each new installment, longing for the magic of the first movie. I am constantly disappointed however, and if they get around to making a Crow 5, I'm not sure I'd be willing to watch it. The last two movies have made me want the time I wasted watching them back.

I suppose we should have realized how horrible this movie was going to be when, despite taking place on an Indian reservation, there were no Indian names in the opening credits. There were, however, a significant number of hispanic names. At one point LLT turned to me and asked why the "indians" were speaking spanish. My response was "Why are there no indians in this indian movie?". Finally we got the answer, about three quarters of the way into the movie, we figured out that there are no actual Native Americans, cause they couldn't pay them enough money to do the things in the script.

The one thing that all the earlier Crow movies had to redeam them was a really awesome leather coat. Apparently the costume designer decided that they had been too generous in the past, because there was no leather to be seen in this movie.

All in all a disappointment that I urge you to stay clear of.
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