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Problems with Wedding Cake

LLT and I have a wedding cake due on Sunday. Last week it suddenly occured to us that we had never gotten an invitation to the wedding, or any information such as the address, time the hall opened for set up, or even a confirmation as to how many people are expected. We seem to remember 80? but we're not sure. All we know is the design and flavors of the cake.

I got more details thanks to another friend, but it would be nice to have some contact with the bride or groom. So I've posted in my journal for the bride to call me, sent a text message to the groom, and have e-mailed the bride. No response.

This is not good. We REALLY need to have this information by Thursday. We're even starting to question whether they still want us to do the cake.

Unfortuantely, we do not have any phone numbers for the bride or groom. So I'm making a request. If someone here has contact information for cussata or lalartu could you have them contact me? I'm posting this as public but I will do an immediate friends only post with contact information.
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