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the 5 question meme again

I have to say this is my favorite meme of all time. I am always interested in people's answers. Coming up with new questions is harder though.

1 -- Leave a comment, saying you want to be interviewed.
2 -- I will respond; I'll ask you five questions (different for each person.)
3 -- You'll update your journal with my five questions, and your five answers.
4 -- You'll include this explanation.
5 -- You'll ask other people five questions when they want to be interviewed.

Here the questions were provided by stitchwhich

1) Casting your mind w*a*y forward, how do you envision your life when you're turning 50? Where will you live, what kind of house/apt/flat, what will you be doing in your work, home, and your SCA (if still in) life?

Let’s see…I’m going to be 35 (!) in April. So that means 15 years from now. I’m living in Boston with D. We have a group house full of friends. I’ve grown in my lace enough to be respected (and confident) as a teacher and have completed some fairly interesting projects. Hopefully I will have managed to complete the “insanity” project, but probably not.

Since I love the type of work I do, I’ll probably still be doing something along the Admin Assistant job, but probably more like an Office Manager.

I can’t imagine either D or I without the SCA so we will probably be hitting at least an event a month. At that point though, we will have slowed down a little. Maybe I’ll have reached the point that I’m willing be head cook, but more than likely I’ll have found someone (hopefully LLT) to be chief minion for.

2) If you won a prize labeled "one free weekend in the back rooms of any ONE museum, with curator/expert and you can TOUCH the items", which museum would you choose?

Ouch! Based on the knowledge that I have at the moment, the museum would probably the Victoria and Albert. I don’t know though, before I chose I’d have to do some research to see where the largest collection of period level lace is.

3) Is there a sense that you believe you absolutely could not face life without? Why?

If there was one sense that losing would drive me to thoughts of suicide, it would be my sight. I’d hate to lose my hearing since I LOVE to listen to music, and more than that love to listen to men with deep voices talk. On the other hand, I read, create artistic cakes and make lace. While I could learn Braille I don’t think I could satisfy my urge for beauty or my arts without my sight.

4) Folks talk about standards, or ethics, in the SCA - of the people who you respect, which trait do they share? Is it one you feel you share?
I wanted to make sure I defined this right so I looked it up on Dictionary.com. There are many definitions for Honor, but the one I’m thinking of is Principled uprightness of character; personal integrity. This means of course, that I don’t always agree with them, but I can see they have thought things through and have reasons for their actions. The important thing is that THEY believe and live up to their beliefs to the best of their ability. The people that I respect are the ones who have thought about who they want to be and what that represents. I strive to do the same, and actually feel I manage to succeed most of the time.

5) If you could open your own business (bankrolled by a very rich benefactor with no strings attached), would you? What would it be and how would you site it - location, space, "feel"?

LLT and I have talked about this, and I think that my take on it is slightly different from the vision she has. If we won Powerball (currently at something like 350 million), and did not have to live on the profits of our work, I would LOVE to have a small, very trendy café/bookstore. This would be contingent on having staff that would allow me to run things from the background, coming in to putter whenever I felt like it, but being able to take time off for the important things in life.

It would be in someplace like Cambridge or an artist community around Boston so I could be with D. I would keep a small selection of “mind candy” books, but it would be mostly really eclectic selection of whatever caught my interest while ordering, mostly history and crafts – things that would attract an SCA audience. In the back would be a bakery/coffee shop where we could serve soup and bread for lunch and whatever cakes/baked goods sounded good each day. There wouldn’t be a hugely varied menu; we’d decide what was going to be served based on what looked good at the market. The selections would be posted on a large chalkboard, or given to people on a type written sheet as they came in. GOOD SCA period food would be a specialty, but the menu wouldn’t be limited to that. The décor would be earth tones with art on the walls wherever there was not a bookshelf and the atmosphere casual, geared to a target audience of the type of people I’ve come to love in the SCA. There would be areas with conversation nooks, couches where people would be encouraged to bring their arts and chat or just gather with their friends. There would be an area in the café section that would be available for local bands of various types to set up in the evenings. The music would be kept to a conversation level, but there would be nights set aside for jazz, celtic and folk music.
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