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Anyone crochet?

So I have a crochet pattern I'm looking for. It's one that Mom made a few years ago, but of course, after a couple of moves, who knows where it is. I'm looking for a suggestion as to what to search for. It wasn't a hat, it wasn't a scarf, it wasn't a kerchief or a babushka according to what I've found so far. Although probably a babushka is the closest judging from the picture here. It was a scarf that had a kind of "bulge" in the center to cover your head. Any ideas?

Edited to say: Apparently the secret is looking up hooded scarf. Still haven't found the type of pattern I'm looking for because I don't want to sew a seam in the scarf to create the hoodI haven't seen one as pretty as the one I have (which is of course in storage. Also wondering why more than 50% of the sites I'm pulling up are knitting sites not crochet ones
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