May 6th, 2003


YAY Mom!

A couple of weeks ago Mom called to say she had won tickets to Champions On Ice from a radio station. We have gone several times to various ice shows be we always end up in the nose bleed seats. We just can't afford to spend $60-70 per ticket. We were in row K of section 111. This means we were in the 11th row and so close to center ice that if we had been two seats over we would have lined up with the center red line on the hockey rink!

It was SOOOOO cool. We were close enough that when Rudy Galindo wiggled his eyebrows we could see it. Mom got lots of pictures with her digital camera and I can't wait to see how they came out.

I noticed that there were skaters missing from the line up, which is not that unusual. It did seem to make the 2nd half of the show shorter though. The skaters who were there were wonderful even though a few of them fell. There were lots of competition programs being done as well as some that I had never seen before.

We loved it. The whole time I kept raving about how great the seats were, and everyone around us was making similar noises. It seemed a shame when the show ended. This was really a great way to end my birthday week and start Mother's Day week.