November 7th, 2003


New Harry Potter movie coming June 4, 2004

USA Today had an article on the next Harry Potter movie. In there was a picture of Michael Gambon who is the new Dumbledore.

Going to his IMDB listing to find out who this guy is, I find he was in about 3 movies I've ever seen and of those the only one that makes me go "Oh hey, it's that guy" is he was the Lt. General in Toys. Even that doesn't bring a picture to my head though.

For the movies he's currently working on they have him listed as working on two movies (The Life Aquatic, and HP) that are currently filming. Wondering how he's managing to be in two places at once. ;)

On the other hand, the interesting thing is he's listed as beeing in Pre-production on a move called Elizabeth Rex which is listed as coming out in 2004. Interesting...didn't know they were planning another Elizabeth movie so soon. Can't wait to see the costumes!