November 14th, 2003


Woo Hoo

It seems that a team from Loudon County (where I live) has won the trebuchet division of Punkin Chunkin for the fourth year in a row!

Some day psycocavr and I are going to have to go to this. It's in Delaware so we have family to stay with. Friends of ours from Otr went last year and actually got screen time on the Discovery Channel show about the event. They basically sucked sooooo badly that they got like 5 minutes of the show. Yes, for those of you who have seen it, the ones who didn't manage to successfully launch a pumpkin during the competition.

And they expect us to try this how????

devilvern and flt have a friend who writes a fun blog called wperoundup. Basically he reviews the Washington Post Express, which is a mini version of the Washington Post. I'm still not clear why the people who make the Post produce this paper except as a teaser to the bigger version, but apparently it is available for free at local metro stations.

Anyway, I like this guys blog and yesterday he mentioned in one of his snippets that there was a recipe that he really liked in the WPE. I'm always a sucker for a new recipe so I decided to go looking. Now I COULD have walked over to the metro station accross the street from my office to get a copy, but why do that when there's a computer in front of me? It turns out you can download a copy of the WPE in pdf form. So I did...except first I had to update my copy of Adobe Reader because for some reason the page wouldn't open. Then I had to download again.

I decided the recipe sounded interesting enough to try it so went to print a copy. Except that for some reason this file is set up so I can't print it, can't cut or copy and paste, can't do anything but copy the recipe by hand. This is VERY frustrating. Since I type FAR better than I write (yes I am a product of generation X) I decided to post the recipe here. I'm beginning to think it would have been easier to walk over to the metro station!

I have to wonder at the reasoning for this. I tried searching for the recipe on the regular Post page, which I know I can save, print and copy from, but no luck. The way they have this set up I can't print a copy of the paper to read away from the computer and since I automatically skip over the ads on a computer I wonder that they see any advantage to making it so restrictive.

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So update on the Knedliky recipe. I'm seriously wanting to find out who to write a complaint to at the Post Express. I went to Sutton Place, Harris Teeter and Trader Joes. The consensus is that (surprise!) plums, especially Italian ones are out of season. The produce guy at H.T. recommended using cherries instead so I got some of those, and then I managed to find some huge Californian plums at TJ's. I figure I can quarter them and try them.

Also, while reading the recipe I found that it calls for 4 ounces fromage blanc. For those who are wondering formage blanc litterally translates to "white cheese." I was unable to find anything so labeled in any of the stores I went to. I decided to come back here and do some research.

While I was researching my options on the web I found another copy of the recipe here. Turns out it is from an AP article so it looks like it's all over the place. That doesn't solve the problems with the recipe. On reading the article I found this:
Sweet knedliky won me over immediately. The dough can be made with semolina flour as well as with cottage cheese, quark (a slightly tangy curd cheese) or cooked potatoes.

In my favorite version, whole fruits, particularly small oval plums or sour cherries, are wrapped inside quark-based dough and then boiled. For cooks in the United States, mascarpone or fromage blanc are good substitutes for the quark. Browned butter and cinnamon-scented powdered sugar then are spooned over the hot dumplings.

I found a listing for Quark here saying that I should look at Look for it in large health food stores, specialty stores, and markets.

I found a listing on the Vermont Butter & Cheese Company which really doesn't give me much hope. Then I found a recipe on The Food Network website to Formage Blanc.

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This sounds like far too big a project for this weekend.