December 8th, 2003



Does this mean I should start believing horoscopes????

Stolen from ladydragonfly

Taurus - Your family means the world to you - even
though you might not like to admit it. You're
extremely stubborn but very loyal all the same.
People must apprieciate you a lot and if you
can find someone like this, you'll be happy.
You are most compatable with Taurans,
Cancerians, Leo's, Virgo's, Libra's, Scorpio's,

What star sign should you really be?
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New Fraud Letter

In my email today was a letter promising me more than $8 million dollars from a woman dying of cancer. Somehow she believes I'm a good Christian woman who would love to make sure her money gets spent as she wishes. Really, they need to do market research on these things. 1) I'm not a fool and 2) I'm not about to spend my life trying to carry out the last wishes of a woman I don't know to bring the gospel to orphans the world over...btw, did I mention I'm not a fool?

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