May 14th, 2004


Van Helsing - The Drinking Game

A couple of my friends invited me to a girls night out of dinner and watching Van Helsing. It was a good time and we should do this again soon.

I have recently discovered something about myself. For some reason, I am able to go see a movie and enjoy it even when it is purley awful, but acknowledging the fact that it is the movie equivilent of (forgive me Honora) a Harliquin romance.

You know the ones. They used to sell for 99 cents but now they're up to like $3.50. They are maybe 150 pages long and everyone on the planet can recite the plot. Boy meets girl, boy and girl fall in LUV, conflict happens to split up boy and girl, conflict is overcome and they have glorious sex and live happily ever after.

Van Helsing is basically this. If you completely empty your mind of all thought and try not to be logical then you can enjoy the movie for the spectcale that it is.

On the other hand as I was sitting there I came up with the perfecct use for this movie. When it comes out on DVD, rent it, have a party and make sure everyone has a very large bottle of their favorite drink to get drunk on.

I present to you:Collapse )