June 23rd, 2004


Okay so who remembers the link to the bloody countdown clock code?

There is 52 days to Pennsic!!! And I say 52 days I mean 52 days til the Saturday before War Week so anyone going up for land grab has even less time. Since I am going to be in Pa for my lace class on land grab Saturday then I’m planning on driving the rest of the way so I can do set up that Sunday before I come home I actually only have 45 days to get everything ready. Plus move…and did I mention finishing my tent????

I need to get ready for my IOLI convention class the first weekend in August and still maintain the research (which I have barely started) on the class I’m teaching in October on the various types of lace.

All this would be a piece cake (did I mention the wedding cake due July 25?) but work seems to think that they deserve at least 40 hours a week and often more like 45-50 these days. I haven’t even had time to play with the impromptu skills that I learned in class 2 weeks ago.

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One of our people is leaving next week plus my team leader had a birthday on Saturday. So we decided to go to Maggiano’s today for a joint happy birthday/goodbye lunch. Since I am the “social coordinator” for the accounting office I was in charge of getting things together. I called last week to make a reservation for 25 since I was sending the invite to the entire HQ staff. Then yesterday when they called to confirm the reservation I dropped it down to 18 to match the responses received. In the end we had 17 people so I think that was a pretty good system.

Since we were such a large party we had to go with “family style”, which, while expensive is really good. It is “all you can eat” and includes 2 salads, 2 pastas, 2 entrees and 2 desserts. We always opt for the additional 2 appetizers clause for an extra $3 a person. Over time we’ve pretty much come up Collapse )

Needless to say, after all those carbs there is little anyone wants to do in the afternoon after the lunch which turns out to be 2 hours long and somewhere in the neighborhood of $20 a head after tax and tip.

Today I had a meeting scheduled for 1 pm so I ended up leaving before the desserts were served but they brought me back some tirmasu. This is a good thing since I was majorly annoyed. The guy I was meeting was late and I ended up starting the meeting just as everyone else got back! Then the meeting ended up being less than 20 minutes long. Oh well, I only have one meeting left for tomorrow and that is a phone meeting.

Now I just have to do all the work generated in all the meetings I’ve been having this week. Somehow I don’t have any concentration left though….wonder why.
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