September 23rd, 2004


First Yoga Class

Tonight was my first Yoga class. I thought it was at 7:30 but when I printed out the directions I noticed it started at 7. So at 6:30 I left, changed into shorts and drove the all of 2 miles to the house where the class is. That area is one of the million dollar homes neighborhood, a real McMansion. But a very nice house.

I was one of the first two people to show up and I took off my shoes then walked down to the basement to find mats all over the floor. There are about 12 people in the class but not of them showed up tonight.

The teacher said that she had been doing Yoga since 1979. She said when she started she was high stress, lots of allergies, sway backed, in short lots of the same problems I have.

We went over laying (the corpse position), sitting and breathing.

We ended by doing a relaxation exercise. I think I found it much easier to do thanks to D's MP3s. I found it really hard to move at the end.

Really looking forward to seeing what happens in the weeks ahead.
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