September 28th, 2005



We were watching Bones last night when a commerical came on for The Fog. Even with the sound muted, frederich identifed which movie it was in a kind of "how could anyone miss that" way. When LLT and I looked at him blankly he expressed his surprise that I had not seen the original John Carpenter version. He said that he could understand LLT (she doesn't watch a lot of horror) not having seen it but I have a tendancy to watch good films regardless of genre.

While this is true, I was raised on movie musicals and ice skating films (thanks to Mom) and Arnie movies (thanks to my brother). There are A LOT of movies I was never exposed to and often people will make references to movies they have seen but I've never even heard of. Or I have heard of them, but never gotten around to watching them. I didn't even see The Rocky Horror Picture Show until I was a Junior in college.

So here is my question. Name ten movies that you think are MUST see movies. I will watch the ones I haven't seen (as long as I can get them from Netflix), and respond back with my thoughts.