October 22nd, 2005


Cake update

LLT woke me up at 7 am and off we went to the store...with a stop by Krispy Kreme. I was reading snippets of Julie & Julia to LLT as she drove. First stop RD for among other things, half a case of butter. The on to Safeway looking for Champagne grapes. No such luck, so after a swing by Starbucks we headed off to Balducci's to see what fruit they had. Still no Champagne grapes, but at least we were able to get nice raspberries and blackberries.

Then home to unpack and start working. It's now 12:34 and we just put the first layer of the 12 inch tier into the oven. We have some time since the recipe we are using for the carrot cake calls for 45 minutes at one temp and then another 20 at a lower temp. There is no point in working on any of the other tiers until this one is done. It's going to be a long day but the taste of cake baked within 24 hours of the wedding (as opposed to 3-4 days before) is worth it.

Update 7:30 pm

Status 12 inch tier is baked. 1/2 of all the other tiers are baked. 6" and 8" inches top layers are in the oven and the last layer (the 10") is waiting for the cakes currently in the oven to be closer to finishing before I complete the mixing.

LLT is working on cutting the cake boards (I was unable to get the sizes we wanted). frederich has bread rising and dinner is ready as soon as fuzzface00 gets here. We decided to invite him to din din since I knew he was at home alone and I was sure he wouldn't eat a good meal on his own.

Still to be done: Trimming all cake layers, making the frostings, frosting the cakes and rolling the fondant. Then LLT gets busy with her paint brush and about 8 different colors of luster dust. We also have some cupcakes to bake since we're getting about six cupcakes per batch of chocolate cake. Yes we could have added those extras together to make one of the layers but it makes the cake better if each layer comes out of a fresh batch of batter.