November 2nd, 2005


Question for all of you who have/do work in resturants

Saturday night while talking to Munch, she said something that really surprised me. So I thought I'd ask you guys about it.

When she was recommending dishes to us, we asked her what she had that day and she said she couldn't afford to pay for the resturant's food. I don't know where I got the impression from (reading or listening to people) but I thought that most resturants either gave discounts to employees or fed them as part of their wages. Is this the case or am I smoking something?

To me it would make sense to feed your wait staff since that way they could speak about what they are suggesting. On the other hand, Munch is a hostess, which doesn't automatically say "feed her" to me. Still, if you're going to feed one employee it makes sense to feed them all.

Munch won't be working at this resturant after Saturday but Chicken (niece #2 - and it's her nickname which I didn't pick), will be starting there as a salad girl pretty soon.