November 8th, 2005


Well, we've got an estimate at least

We got word today that the Commerce Appropriations is has gone through the Conference Committee. So I started looking into what it takes to get it signed. In my search for a general timeline I could post here I found the OMBwatch budget blog. Of course this doesn't seem to tell me much about the bill I care about at the moment.

Status of Appropriations bills.

Anyway if you want a fairly good explaination of what the government goes through every year just to keep running, go to This website which seems to break the process down pretty well. Here is the short version:

Step 1: President Submits a Budget Proposal;
Step 2: Congress Passes a Budget Resolution;
Step 3: Congressional Subcommittees 'Markup' Appropriation Bills;
Step 4: The House and Senate Vote on Appropriation Bills and Reconcile Differences;
Step 5: The President Signs each Appropriation Bill and the Budget is Enacted.

Cut from the longer version: "Floor Votes: The individual appropriation bills are debated and voted on by their respective chambers. After both versions of a particular appropriation bill are passed in their respective chambers, a conference committee is set up to resolve differences between the House and Senate versions. This is where our bill is now The House and Senate both vote on a conference report for each bill. Each one is then signed by the President. "