December 1st, 2005


Looking for suggestions - Poetry

I admit I know NOTHING about poetry. Sure I have some favorite poems from stuff I read in high school and college, but my tastes never really went toward poetry when I was a teenager. Now my 14 year old niece, Chicken, has expressed and interest. Mom asked me for suggestions and I've drawn a blank. Any ideas? I gave the girls some of the Shel Silverstein books a few years ago and they both liked them.

Other aspects of Chicken: She's a tomboy who plays catcher for her softball team and she just started work as the "salad girl" at an italian resturant.


Like my new icon? It's Courtesy of Effingham's Heraldic Avatars.

Really, if you want someone to do your device for you, this is the guy. I sent him not one but two blazons last night and this morning the pictures were in my inbox in four sizes, for only $10 a blazon.

The only problem I have with it is I COULD have sworn my Wolf was supposed to be pointed the other way, but looking at a couple of hearldy sites, it seems to be right.

Per bend sinister gules and Or, a wolf couchant contourny sable.

Anyone crochet?

So I have a crochet pattern I'm looking for. It's one that Mom made a few years ago, but of course, after a couple of moves, who knows where it is. I'm looking for a suggestion as to what to search for. It wasn't a hat, it wasn't a scarf, it wasn't a kerchief or a babushka according to what I've found so far. Although probably a babushka is the closest judging from the picture here. It was a scarf that had a kind of "bulge" in the center to cover your head. Any ideas?

Edited to say: Apparently the secret is looking up hooded scarf. Still haven't found the type of pattern I'm looking for because I don't want to sew a seam in the scarf to create the hoodI haven't seen one as pretty as the one I have (which is of course in storage. Also wondering why more than 50% of the sites I'm pulling up are knitting sites not crochet ones