November 7th, 2006


[sca] Kingdom Basket idea

So I think while I drive. On the way to meet my parents for dinner tonight I was thinking about the whole concept of the Kingdom Baskets. I think there is a disconnect between the intention of gift baskets, which is in part to give the Royals things to give away as largess, and what we've actually been putting in the baskets.

At the same time I've been hearing rumors lately that Atlantia is running short on award medallions. This makes sense since according to the IRS the SCA can't actually purchase the medallions or the ingredients to make same. As Atlantia, probably so goes the rest of the Known World.

So how is this for an idea? Lets make the theme of the Pennsic 36 gift baskets Kingdom Medallions. All of the kingdoms have awards for which they give medallions and likely the Royals would LOVE to see an influx of such medallions. I'm even willing to bet that if we looked we could find descriptions of said medallions or their healdry. If the right people of the various kingdoms were consulted, we could probably even come up with a list of the most desirable ones for each kingdom.

Note that this WOULD take some coordination to make sure we don't end up with 50 things for the East Kingdom and None for the West etc.

While I think this is a cool idea it is something that would take a bit too mch time to organize for Gulf Wars which is why I'm suggesting Pennsic.

So what do you guys think?