February 4th, 2007


Feast reviews - the rare public post

This post is created thanks to a coversation I had on Saturday regarding reviewing feasts. A friend has started doing detailed reviews of feasts that she goes to and someone who doesn't cook was talking about it. I explained that the review she did for Storvik was one that I requested. I also explained that, while flattering, a review of "good feast" isn't really useful. I'd rather see a post talking about both the good and the bad then a simple statement of "good feast" or "feast sucked". Either way, a one sentence review is useless to a cook.

At the same time constructive critisim is an important idea. To see the post I wrote about this subject a couple of years ago go here.

Keep in mind that when we're in the kitchen we have no idea of what happens outside. We don't know if it seems like the food is taking forever between courses or if the food is coming out too fast. We don't know if one table had so much food they couldn't eat it or the next table snuck in an extra person so needs more food or had one person who so loves a specific dish that the rest of the table didn't get anything. Some people want one serving each and others want to take the leftovers home with them.

Detailed reactions of feasts (regardless of who cooked them) helps in planning for the future. Since I'm not sure how other people feel, I've created a Collapse )