May 20th, 2007


An Tir Crown - Knowledge for Pennsic Gift Baskets

Why I care - the Pennsic gift baskets

Note: Public posting in case anyone needs the info for the Pennsic Baskets.

According to the An Tir mailing list the winner of An Tir's Crown Tourney this weekend was - Sir Tiernan mor dal Cais fighting for Miranda Faoltiarna

Since An Tir doesn't seem to have an individual page set up for it's OP like Atlantia does Collapse )

I am GUESSING that this is the O&A reference since it's the only one for An Tir with the same first name:

Tiernan Moor
This name was registered in February of 2003 (via An Tir).
The following device associated with this name was registered in February of 2003 (via An Tir):
Or, on a roundel gules a triskele Or and on a bordure gules an orle of chain Or. The link is to the Roll of Arms project - click to see a drawing of the arms.

AHHH and confirmation of my guess.

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