July 21st, 2007

LLT arms

LLT is on Livejournal!!!

Today I created an account for LLT. Welcome thehonorablellt! The plan is for her to post food related stuff especially period recipes where she will post the biblography info, the recipe in the original language, the translation (if any) and how she would translate it. Then she'll wait a bit to see what comments are posted as to how people would redact it and she'll post her recadaction. Note: I don't anticipate this being a high traffic journal. I'm sure day to day stuff will still stay on my journal since I am on the computer much more often than she is.

Note I started her off with a few friends but I don't think she'll ever use any of the features that require friending - I doubt she'll ever either filter or even read her friends page. Normally she keeps up with all of you guys by asking me.