November 26th, 2007

lace spike

[SCA] Last chance to make edits on the cooking track info

If you are teaching please review this and make sure I have all the correct info for your class. ladyhelwynn I'm missing info for yours.

I will be submitting this on Wednesday (at the latest) so I need answers asap.

Edited: Since the only information I'm waiting on is an email from Khadir All information has been updated. I went ahead and sent in what I currently have.

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Also for cathgrace: this is the book I was talking about at fighter practice (as seen on elizabethangarb: 'Lost from Her Majesties back': Items of clothing and jewels lost or given away by Queen Elizabeth I between 1561 and 1585, entered in one of the day books ... of robes (Costume Society extra series)
by Janet Arnold