April 22nd, 2008

Quit Whining

Finally - the Tournament of Chivalry brain dump

Warning - according to MS Word this post is at least 10 pages long - read at your own risk.

Note - I'm sure some things were forgotten in this post - any errors are my fault, but LLT did make a few edits. Times listed came from either ladygriele or spikywheel since I never looked at the clock.

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Now that I've written this I can go back and read the commentary and posts regarding ToC. If you see any feast reviews (good OR bad) please link them here.

Edited: to add Werner's name to the Kitchen crew list and to mention - Akiyo is responsible for the really spiff brochure that was on every table. LLT sent her the documentation, she did the preliminary lay out then I added the table sized recipes (based on LLT's ditcation) and Akiyo edited then printed and finished them. I want to reformat the end product so that it makes sense on the screen (as opposed to being formatted for easy copying) and then I'll post it somewhere.