January 22nd, 2009


So who wants some lace?

As most of you know, over the last several years I have made several bobbin lace handkerchiefs for the Atlantian Lace Guild, with LLT assisting on the most of them. Up until now the ONLY way to get a lace hankie made by me was to become Queen and then hope that I was the one who did that reign's hankie.

In an effort to raise money for the 3 Day Walk Tirzah and I will be raffling off a lace hankie, with the lace made by me and with blackwork/construction by Tirzah.

The rules
1) Donation must be to either My fundraising page or Tirzah's fundraising page. If you want to mail in a donation and have it count the donation must be received by the site and acknowledged on one of our pages by the raffle deadline - Saturday, September 27 (the Saturday before the walk).
2) Donations can be made to either account
3) For each $25 donated you will get one entry in the raffle. While you don't have to donate all funds at once, $25 increments cannot cross the accounts. This means if you donate $25 to each of us you get 2 tickets. If you donate $50 to one of us you get 2 tickets. If you donate $10 to one of us and $15 to the other you don't get a ticket. Sorry, but I need to do this to make life easier for me.
4) If you have already donated $25 or more you already have entries - thanks for the donation!
5) On Saturday, September 27 I will tally all donations and hold the raffle. Tirzah will draw the winning name out of the bag and I will announce the winner here.

Rules may be added as I think of them, but the basic rules should stay the same.