March 9th, 2009

LLT arms

[Public] It's Food Pr0n time!

Thanks to flt we now have pictures of two of LLT's latest ventures.

First, the Beauty - in cooperation with the talented feymaker, we have the Soltie from mysticsablewolf's Tournament of Love and Beauty Feast:

Venus, originally uploaded by UpperClassGlass.

For this, LLT did the shell with help from feymaker, but the Venus herself was all feymaker's work. The picture comes from her display at KA&SF this weekend. We haven't seen pictures from the Tournament of Love and Beauty feast yet, but feymaker added fruit and rose petals much the way mysticsablewolf described them displaying it at the feast.

Next, the cool - This is part of LLT's KA&SF entry.

Piglet, originally uploaded by UpperClassGlass.

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