March 1st, 2010


Privateer Feast 2010 - or who runs out of LETTUCE????

So Thursday I had lunch with the lovely t_ngina1 before heading to Laurel for a visit with flt, devilvern and the hounds. Drake has been having continuing health issues and I wanted to get in some pettin time to relieve his humans.

So I crashed on the sofa and watched the Olympics. Drake actually let me sleep until 7 am at which point he decided that pettins were mandatory. When flt got up we had brunch and then I headed for home.

I managed to pull into the driveway right as LLT was getting out of her car and we finally got around to unloading the last bits from the Luau from the car. Then we headed out to Restaurant Depot to do the Privateer Feast shopping.

For the 2nd trip in a row we ended up needing TWO carts to get everything. But then we had a bit to buy - 120 lbs of chicken, 15 lbs of shrimp, 90 lbs of beef, 50 lbs each of potatoes and sweet potatoes, TWO cases of crushed tomatoes...and that was only the beginning. LLT decided that since in the past we have always had a lot of rolls left over we would only buy two cases instead of three. But I succeeded in talking her into the last pack of beef since I was really worried that we would run out. Little did I know what the feast was REALLY going to be like.

After the Depot it was time to head off to the liquor store (2 huge bottles of vodka and one of rum), Costco and Safeway. Finally we were done with the shopping for the event and could head home.

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