March 28th, 2010


Interesting links for Walkers and Crew

You guys know from last year that I'll eventually slow down on Komen posts until it gets closer to the walk. But right now having just started with the walking for the year and with the other walks in the area coming up I'm posting a lot.

Funny how when you're avoiding thinking about other things you can be easily distracted by reading everything you can find about something you care about...

Anyway, on to the links

While these are geared toward the Komen 3 Day I think they would be useful for anyone either walking or crewing any intensive walk:

- Larry's Underground Guide to Breast Cancer Walks
- If you scroll down to the bottom of the page you'll find Pete's advice. There is a document for walkers that has some crew stuff in it and a crew supplement
- Blog from a site called Sheknows detailing a first time walker's trip to Denver last year

Fund raising links for friends

MS Walk - April 11
Team Wench page

Avon Walk - May 1-2
Lisa Fogelman, Walker
Ralph Nelson, Crew
Rivka Gates, Crew

Komen 3 Day Walk (Boston) - July 23
Kynne Dudurich, Walker

Light the Night - September 2010??
Amber Dionne

Komen 3 Day Walk (Washington DC) - October 8-10
My Walk page
Tirzah's crew page
Ralph Nelson, Crew
Lynne Dudurich, Crew

Note to self: message board topic on music to walk to

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