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Company Holiday Lunch

I can't complain a bit about Aster's Holiday Lunch (other than that I didn't win the IPOD Nano door prize). We went to Ceviche for lunch. We had to choose our menu before hand and everything that I had was wonderful. I'd been told that their Tres Leches had been reviewed badly but, since I'd never had it before, I was not disappointed by it. Other people around me had chosen other options so I got to see some dishes that I'd like to go back and try.

There was the typical boring speach by the President of Aster, who seemed to want to concentrate on comparing how we are doing financially against what other 8(a) companies had done in their first year. Really, I think we all could have cared less at that point. He could have stopped with "last year's holiday party was four people sitting around a table at Oriental East - this year we have more than 50 employees". Enough said.

I've bolded what I had:

Appetizer (all selections looked good enough to try)
Campesina - Tomatoes, queso fresco and avocado
Ensalada "Cesar" con Yuquitas Fritas - Caesar salad with uca croutons
Crema de Choclo y Tocino con cebollitas verdes - Cream of Yellow corn, bacon and green onions (soup)

Main Course
Salmon a la Parrilla con mojo de cilantro - Grilled Salmon with a cilantro mojo
Aji de Gallina - Leg of Rooster baked in a yellow pepper sauce
Horneado de Costilla Encebollado - Slow roasted pork rib with Lime-Braised Red Onions(the onions were certainly not "braised" as they were undercooked enough to be sharp. My only complaint about the meal).

Tres Leches

As we left, each of us was given a 8 oz box of Godiva. When you add it to a 3 course lunch at a resturant that the Washington Post calls $$$, it actually works out to a better Holiday gift then I've had at most places I've worked.

BTW, frederich at some point when we have an excuse to be the Silver Spring area for dinner I want to take LLT there.

Edited to say: I've been told that at least two people didn't like the pork because it was too fatty. I didn't notice that much fat on mine compared to the extremely large pieces we were served. Maybe I was lucky, maybe I don't mind fat as much as other people. I still say it was a good meal, but YMMV</a>.
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