Orlaith Carey (orlacarey) wrote,
Orlaith Carey

A day in the middle east

Because not everyone is on the Merry Rose

Greetings to the Tavern! Many thanks to those gentles who made the journey to the
Barony of Dun Carraig for 12th Night. Even heartier thanks to those who donated
their time and efforts as volunteers for the event. We are blessed to have such
generous neighbors.

Seeing as everyone seemed to have such a good time at 12th Night, the populus of Dun
Carraig would like to invite people to another event next month. Please allow us to
share your company at a "Day in the Middle East" on February 25, 2006. This will be
a fun, low key event (actually, it's just a thinly veiled excuse for us to throw a

We are searching for instructors and entertainers. If you're tired of seeing Middle
Eastern done "wrong", this is a perfect opportunity to help people learn how to do
it "right"! We are currently working on providing separate free-standing "tents' to
be used for classrooms, so that you can teach with minimal distraction. We will have
more class information available on the event website as we flesh it out. We are
also hoping to coax those gentles with great resource matherials in their library to
consider bringing their favorite books to educate others. A "library" will be
provided for attendees to view the books and we will have a staff member on hand to
ensure all books are kept at the tables. (Please make sure to have your name inside
of your book, so there is no confusion if two copies of the same book appear).

Musicians and dancers are very much wanted. While we will be providing music for
dancing and ambiance, it is the deepest desire of the autocrat that musicians be
given an opportunity to shine. If you are interested in contributing your skills in
that area, please contact her at: Lylie@duncarraig.net

Since this is a low key event, we are asking gentles to bring rugs, pillow, etc. to
add to the ambiance. If you have lengths of fabric, please consider bringing that as
well (it will not be cut, but used for draping). Please make sure your information
is pinned to a corner, so that it can be returned to you.

Seating will be in traditional Middle Easten style, with the meal served on low
tables. MistressMinowara Kiritsubo will be tempting our palates with all manner of
delicacies, so please mark February 25, 2006 on your calendars. The event will be
held at the South Potomac Church. 4915 Crain Highway,White Plains, MD 20695. Details
are still being worked out, please contact the autocrat, Lady Lylie of Birkenhead
for additional information.

Thank you so much for your time,

Baroness Mary Isabel of Heatherstone

("Molly", the lady in Persian clothing at 12th Night, smile)

Sounds like a pretty cool event
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