Orlaith Carey (orlacarey) wrote,
Orlaith Carey

Novice Tourney Feast

LLT talked to the autocrat and found out that the theme for the event will most likely be the Crusades. Feast is probably going to be capped at 100 spots give or take changes at high table. No menu so far, but lots of ideas to taste test.

Reference currently being picked for cool recipes is Francois Pierre La Varenne - Translated into English in 1653.


Sparagus w/a white sauce or sparagus with cream

potoge of crawfish (actually shrimp?) or Langouste w/white sauce (they also have lobster w/white sauce) - Theory is they have pottages of salmon, frogs, mussles and oysters. Thinking shrimp will be okay because lagnouste are actually prawns. She has not yet found mention of shrimp but it may be that the different terms for size is a modern thing (and prawns are too expensive)

Mousseron or Another way or Mushrums with cream

There is a list of veggies - carrots, beets, artichokes, turnips, pumpkin and sparagus cooked in various ways. These will be explored while we're figuring out the menu

There is a tart of spinach (quiche)

Also a cool lentil recipe

Whipped cream is period (YAY!)

Fritters of artichoke - anyone want to spend the day choking artichokes for us?

Savory pumpkin pie

Eggs after the portugals way
Eggs with Bread (i.e. bread pudding)

Tourte de of Franchipanne (pastry with custard and nuts)

They had salad of pomegranate and salad of lemons - she's thinking of playing with salad with lemons and oranges

"If you do not find all sorts of divers pastry work, do not wonder at it, for the intention is not to make a whole book of them, but only to speak of them by the by, for to give some instruction of what is most necessary, and what is served up most ordinarily, for to imtermingle and diversify the Courses." Page 119

She's thinking that this applies for more than just pastry and while there is no recipe of salad with oranges, she should be able use them

Various pickles

Some sort of roasted and/or stuffed bird

Peti Cochon farced (stuffed suckling pig)

stuffed eggs (will be on menu)

Ramequin of Cheese, onion and garlic

Cream of pistaceos sounds neat to her as well - we'll have to see what it works out to be.

For to whiten gileflowers

I repeat, this is not a menu - it's recipes that she's interested in playing with to see if they should go on the menu.

Thoughts, feelings, opinions????
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