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Tenative feast menu

D'oh! Event info would be nice...Storvik Novice Tourney, Washington DC area, July 8th (or whatever that Sat is).

Comments anyone?

Head cook
Lady Tirzah MacCudden
Chief minion
Lady Orla Cary
With man1y helpers

Fresh bread
baked by
Lord Frederich Von Teufen

The first course:
Pickels of Artichocks
Pickels of Cowcombers
Pickels of Red beets
Ramequin of Onions & Garlick
Eggs farced
Potage of Rasberries

The second course:
Roast Chicken with Orange-Cinnamon sauce,
Langouste with White sauce
Salat of Lemon & Oranges
Cream of Pistaches

The third course:
Suckling Pig Farced
Sparagus with Cream
Mushrums after the Olivier
Red Carrots with Brown butter & onion
Eggs with Bread

Menu is about 85% certain. We will be trying each dish individually so there may be some adjusting as we taste different things. At some point (prob mid March) there will also be a "test feast" of all dishes for one table of eight to see if any fine tuning needs to be done as far as combined tastes and amount of food.


First course:

Pickles of artichocks pg 203”The French Cook” Francois Pierre La Varenne Englished by I.D.G.
Cut of the choak, and what is too hard about them, steep them in fresh water for to whiten them, drain and dry them; after this put them into a pot with Salt, pepper, viniger melted butter clove and some bay leaf. Cover them well, and keep until you have use for them and then unsalt them in lukewarm water; after they are unsalted, seeth them with butter or some peece of lard, or some fat. After they are sod, serve them with white sauce or garnished

Pickles of cowcombers pg 203 LaV
Take them very small, whiten them in fresh water, and stick them with cloves. Then put them in a pot with salt, pepper, vinegar and a bay leafe. Cover them so close that no air may get in, and serve them in salat.

Pickles of red beets/ pg 203 LaV
Wash them very clean and seeth them. When they are sod, peel them, and put them in a pot with salt, pepper, and vinegar, for to use them when you will.

Ramequins of onions & garlick pg 91 LaV
Take your onions, and stamp them in a mortar, with salt and much pepper. You may put to it some Anchovies well melted with a little butter, your onions being upon the bread fried in oil or butter. Pass the fire-shovell red hot over it and serve.
The Ramequin of Garlick is done the same way

Eggs farced pg 163 LaV
Take sorrel, alone if you will, or with other herbs, wash and swing them, then mince them very small, and put them between two dishes with fresh butter, or pass them in a pan. After they are passed, stove and season them. After your farce is sod, take some hard eggs, cut them into halfes, across or in length, and take out the yolks, and mince them with your farce: and after all is well mixed, stove them over fire, and put to it little nutmeg, and serve garnished with the whites of your eggs , which you may brown in the pan with brown butter.

Cream of pistaches pg 85 LaV
Take one handfull of Pistaches stamped, and a quart of milk, boil it with a implement of metal, which you shall mix with it. When it is almost sod, allay six yolks of eggs with our Pistaches, and a little butter very new, put it all in a pan with store of sugar and little salt. If you will, you may put in it Musk or Amber also, with much sugar but very little Musk. Beat all well together, and serve garnished with flowers.

Second course:

Roast chicken with orange-cinnamon sauce
Platina “de honesta voluptate” book six recipe #16
Roast Chicken: You will roast a chicken after it has been well plucked, cleaned and washed: and after roasting it, put it into a dish before it cools off and pour over it either orange juice or verjuice with rosewater, sugar and well ground cinnamon and serve it to your guests.

Langouste with white sauce pg 154 LaV
It is done the same way as the lobster, serve it dry with parsley.
“lobster with white sauce” After it is sob, take out the bones and cut the flesh into peeces, which you shall fry with butter, minced parsley and drop of verjuice; which being done, take three or four yolks of eggs, with little of nutmeg, and put them in a pan. Serve forthwith, and garnish with the feet of your lobster.

Salat of Lemon & Orange pg88 LaV
Take Lemons, what quantity you will, peel them, and cut them into very thin slices. Put them with sugar, orange, and pomegranate flowers, then serve neatly.

Lentils pg 221 LaV
After they are well sod, pass them in the pan with fresh butter, salt pepper, little of fine herbs and chibols. When they are well fried, serve them.
You may serve them like pease broth. If you find them hard to be passed (or strained) stamp them in a mortar.
They may also be served with salat oile passed in the pan

Eggs with bread pg164 LaV
Take bread, crum it, and pass it through a straining pan, if you will. Melt some butter; after it is melted, put it with your bread and some sugar. Ten choose some very new layd egs, as many as you have occasion for, and beat them well with your bread, sugar, butter, salt and little milk. For to seeth them, melt a peece of butter very hot, put your implements into it, and seeth it. For to give them a colour, pass the fire-shovell red hot over them, and serve your eggs sugared. You may make them ready in a dish or in a tourte pan.
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