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Recipe tasting - Pistachio Cream

While I was in Boston LLT made the pistachio cream. When I got back on Sunday night there was enough left to half fill a small starbucks bottle. I got to have a few sips and I have to say it was VERY nummy. It's the consistancy of a thick soup with little nut chunks. It's very sweet and creamy (duh! there is cream in the title for a reason). We're currently discussing how to serve it. Right now we're considering upping the egg content to make it thicker and serving it in those tiny tart shells (2-3 tartlets per person).

I was disappointed in not getting to taste it fresh but LLT said that the cream is better after it sits for a day. Hey sskipstress you up for a evening of dinner and taste testing? Not this week but soon?
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