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So Much for the Woodlawn Challenge this year....

I suck. To the suckiest extent of sucking.

Last year I challenged one of my friends to enter the Woodlawn Needlework Competition, which takes place in March every year. I've tried a couple of times to find information on how to submit the entries, but there is NOTHING on the internet. I've tried e-mailing but gotten no response. Today it occurred to me how late in February it was and I thought to actually CALL them.

Of course the judging is finished for the year and they are hanging the displays. I requested being put on their mailing list so that NEXT year I can actually do enter. Maybe I'll actually managed to get something finished for it.

Note: I'm gonna ask for the information on entering while I'm visiting this year and post it here so I can find it again. Things will change over the year, but at least I'll have the main rules.
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