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LLT's missing scroll

In May of 2003, Roxie got her Laurel. I was given a little bit of advanced notice so that LLT and I could do something special.

We made her a Cake. Note, this is a representation of the cake we made. In reality it was a honey saffron cake, covered in magenta marzipan, with dark blue pulled sugar bobbins and a longer panel of the same lace.

For this piece of fun, in addition to Roxie's reaction, (and the joy of watching people run around the event with blue tounges from the sugar) we were each awarded a Silver Nautilus. This is a cool award that basically says "ya done good" in the arts.

In Atlantia, the backlog of scrolls is such that a few years ago they stopped giving scrolls for minor awards, and said that you would have to commission them.

For LLT's Birthday that year I commissioned the most excellent James ap Llywelyn to do the scroll. In the middle of the work he moved to Hawaii. When the scroll was done he sent it to me care of Dame Brenna, who delivered it at Fighter Practice. Since she was going to Coronation we had her take it to turn over to the Clerk Signet to get it signed. So basically LLT had her hands on it for about 15 minutes.

After waiting for a long while (figuring it would take a while to get the signatures) I checked on things and realized that the scroll was missing. In the meantime James changed the website where he had put the information on the scroll. Now at long last we at least have a picture of it.

I'm planning on sending an email to the kingom mailing list to see if having an actual picture of it sparks someone's memory.

Even if you have no interest in the SCA it's worth clicking on the picture to see the scroll. BTW, if you click on the picture of the scroll it should take you to James's page on how he made it.

Tirzah scroll

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